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Printing | Impression

Year: 2023

Material: office waste paper, inkjet printer ink

Dimension: a set of 144 pieces, dimensions variable

In the exhibition, the artist uses office waste papers and printer ink, which are materials closely related to printer, as her creative media. Mimicking mechanical modus, the artist uses her hands to repeatedly make paper mountains infused with different shades of ink.  Each mountain, like a printed dot, is orderly arranged to present visuals that are metaphoric of rigidities in life. The introduction of human and natural elements enlivens the mechanical modus and bring out artist’s connection with nature.


Office papers carrying all sorts of information are returned to pulp paste and transformed into mountains of different shapes. Each one of them records the unique form moulded by the artist’s hands. Making use of the liquid absorption characteristics of paper, the mountains absorb ink of different concentrations to appear in different shades of blue. The outcome speaks to the notions of time and uncertainty when human and natural forces are combined in the mechanical and repetitive production processes.


The installation links the individual paper mountains together to present a sea of mountains in gradients of blue. On closer look the audiences can see the unique grains and gradient colour of each mountain, to reflect on discovering their own blue sky out of all the rigidities in life.

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